Silver necklace with a diamond cross


Length 45cm
Pendant length: 14mm
Metal: Sterling Silver.
Diamond 11 units
Diamond 0.25ct cross Pendant and Chain.
Diamond Total wt 0.25cts. Diamond Quality: H-S12
Packed in a box.
UK delivery 2-3 working days
Royal Mail.

Before sending the product, we carefully check whether everything is fine. Products are non-returnable and non-exchangeable.

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A wonderful piece of work. Silver chain around the neck with a diamond cross. Suitable not only for work meetings and luxurious parties.
Diamond is one of the most expensive and prized gemstones known for its extraordinary hardness, reflective properties and transparency.
Due to their special beauty and symbolic meaning, diamonds are valued as an investment and gifts for special occasions. They are considered the eternal standard of luxury and elegance.


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