Ring “Goddess” with an emerald


Size: P Nr.16
9ct Yellow Gold. Princess Cub Lab Emerald,
5 stone Ring
Color Stone Weight: 0.225 Cts.
Color: G-H
Clarity: 12-13
Overall weight: 1,25g
Packed in a box.
UK delivery 2-3 working days
Royal Mail.

Before sending the product, we carefully check whether everything is fine. Products are non-returnable and non-exchangeable.

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Bright emeralds set in a gold ring will always attract attention, a woman wearing such a ring will not go unnoticed. A piece of jewellery that gives confidence and determination will make a lady feel like a real Queen.

It promotes agency and freedom, brings to the surface situations that are fixable, out of date, and hinder progress. Emerald helps to implement the most important projects in life and that which will bring the greatest benefits both materially and spiritually. For a person who lives his life honestly and believes in the Spirit, the emerald will help him choose friends, truth from falsehood, real from fake, will promote contacts beneficial to the owner’s soul.

This stone can be described in a few words: the stone of family happiness, fidelity, abundance, harmony and patience. He protects life areas: spirit, matter, family, relationships, professional success. Emerald protects against spells, charms and magical tricks.


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